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P-fac dues of $120 per semester for fee payers, and $130 for full members (fall and spring, not summer), cover IEA and NEA membership (approximately $87, but was recently increased), the IPACE political action fund that supports IEA/NEA lobbying and campaigning ($10), and the local P-fac dues (approximately $13). All members of the bargaining unit must contribute to the IPACE fund at the outset, but can request reimbursement of the total contribution to the IPACE fund at the end of the year. Members must request the appropriate form from the IEA to do so. Dues are deducted from the fifth paycheck each semester for those who have chosen payroll deduction. Others should send a check to the P-fac office each semester, or pay via Paypal using the link below (there is a $5 surcharge). A dual member of P-fac and USofCC pays local dues to both organizations, but pays the IEA/NEA portion only once.

Dues Categories

For dues to be paid automatically from your paycheck, stop by the P-fac office to fill out the automated deduction form.

Part-time Faculty Association at Columbia
600 S. Michigan Ave. RM  1309 B
Chicago, IL 60605

You can also mail a check to the P-fac office.