April 27th Rally

In response to the escalating harm that the administration has caused our members, we will hold a rally on Friday, April 27, at 9 am. In the course of three years, we have lost almost half of our members. Over the last three years, our numbers have dropped from 1200 to 670 this semester. The college continues to increase class size and intentionally lowers enrollment, not for student learning but for profits. In the meantime, plans have been announced to expand the Big Chicago courses to the sophomore and eventually junior and senior levels, while blocking our members from teaching these classes.  We must demonstrate our unity and power to the administration while we are in a position to demand change.

On Friday, April 27 at 9 am, we will hold a rally attended by faculty, students, CTU, Arise Chicago, SAG-AFTRA and leading politicians who care about education. We have invited everyone who joined our strike in November and we are requesting that all members turn out and invite students, alumni and parents. We will be joined on the sidewalk by a fat cat, pig and rat in order to showcase the behavior of the administration. At 10 am, we will move to Ferguson Theater where a bargaining session is scheduled. We will present our demands which include that the college cease making unilateral changes to curriculum and faculty qualifications at that time. It is urgent that you join and show your support at this rally. Wear red or the red P-fac t-shirts from the strike.

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