Bargaining on Friday, Feb 15th

At our last bargaining session the college began to introduce language that would remove basic protections of job security.  No written response was offered to address our previously submitted proposal on job security.  The room was packed with faculty and students wearing red.   The union provided examples of how the commitment to value part-time faculty is not being honored throughout the College.   The College soon caucused and ended bargaining early.

This next bargaining session will disclose whether the college has a commitment to One Faculty and truly values P-fac. After our strike the College said they looked forward to our proposal on seniority so they can demonstrate their commitment. We ask that you attend this  bargaining session and invite your students and supporters.  Wear red and continue to show the college that we will hold them accountable.  In addition, we will discuss the importance of academic freedom as the College advocates for standardized syllabi.  Please see information below.  Join us this Friday for bargaining as we continue to the effort toward a fair contract and fair treatment.

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