Forum Success and Spring Assignments

We are excited about the enthusiastic turn out for Thursday’s Student and Faculty Forum. The event was full to capacity with over 100 students and faculty who showed up to voice their concerns about what is happening at Columbia College. We have formed a coalition of students and faculty to address these issues and will be sending info about follow up meetings and steps.


An immediate concern is the list that the administration has compiled of faculty who have been deemed unqualified to teach. We are outraged that the administration is targeting members who have strong teaching records and some with teaching excellence awards. It is no coincidence that every name on the list is a member in the top teaching tier.¬† The administration is trying to eliminate members with the most accomplished and lengthy teaching records because they don’t want to pay for their expertise. These members have no assignments for spring and we have quickly filed Unfair Labor Practice claims at the Labor Board. The accreditation board clearly states that colleges can not violate contracts as they seek accreditation. So why did Columbia choose to violate our contract anyway? We have filed a complaint with HLC and will call out any false requirements that the administration creates. We stand in solidarity with our members who have been targeted by Columbia’s administration. The administration had options to address the situation before class registration for spring but chose to wait until now.


The Columbia¬† College administration is attempting to whittle down our bargaining unit until we don’t have enough members to fight their fraudulent practices. We will not stop battling for our rights and we will not allow the administration to turn Columbia into a soulless, for-profit college.¬† We stand with all of our members and we will start actions in response to these soon. Get ready to fight back and stand together. Don’t wait until you’re the one being targeted.

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