Fraudulent Lists are Eliminating Our Members

The Columbia College administration continues with fraudulent actions in an attempt to break our union. After trying to use HLC requirements to create new criteria for teaching classes, the administration has created a list of experienced members that will be targeted for termination. The list claims that these members are no longer qualified to teach even after decades of successful teaching. One member on the list even won a Teacher of the Year award a few years ago. The Columbia administration's response to our demands to cease and desist was "we don't know why they were ever hired." We are meeting with the administration to address the names on the list but given their threats and mishandling of information, we are forced to act even if they remove some names from the list.

We will not allow are contract to be violated and our members to be treated with such contempt. If your name was not on the list, that means that you can only teach the course that they have deemed you qualified for and they will most likely be changing the curriculum for it soon. There have been so many violations and we have been filing grievances non-stop but the time has arrived for collective action! The college has devised many different ways to eliminate our members and we can not wait until you are personally targeted. All of these attacks affect all of us. They are dismantling the college, ignoring Columbia's mission and disregarding the students. They have created a new bottom, where faculty are paid below the union rate. The violations are so bad that the AAUP (American Association of University Professors) state board has voted to move forward with a resolution requesting AAUP International to investigate Columbia College Chicago because of their possible violations of shared governance, curriculum changes and lack of academic freedom and basic protections. All of these changes leave a Columbia College Chicago degree with little value. It leaves us with little dignity, security or respect.

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