OurColumbia Celebration and Planning Meeting

While we are hopeful after hearing the College express a commitment to negotiate in good faith and honor the gains from our last contract, we will need to see that commitment transform into contract language.  We all know that bargaining can take a quick reversal and we must continue to build our support and continue to voice our needs and those of our students. Mark your calendar and plan to attend this Thursday’s coalition meeting  and our next bargaining session, information below. Invite your students and alumni.
It is crucial that we celebrate our accomplishments and our unity as we plan next steps:
(Food and drinks provided)
Thursday, December 7th,
600 south Michigan, 8th floor
6p.m. – 8p.m.
R.S.V.P.  info@pfac.org
The letters of support from universities, unions, politicians and others continue to pour in.  They understand that our efforts have only just begun and we will need support over the long run. Just yesterday we received a copy of a letter that went to Dr Kim from NABET-CWA local 41 (members who make television happen in Chicago).  The letter urged the President to value the part-time faculty and bargain in good faith.  The letter went on to say,
We urge the school administration to respect the voices of and workplace rights of P-fac members – an acknowledge their contribution to the school’s mission and success.  Columbia College is not just a School in the South Loop. It’s part of the fabric of Chicago’s broadcast/media community.  The community includes P-fac members who are broadcast professionals as well as members of Local 41.   We support our P-fac sisters and brothers in their struggle for respect and fairness.”
The former President of this local was a graduate of Columbia College. P-fac is an integral part of Columbia and the Communities we serve.
The next bargaining session information below.
Save the date:
The next bargaining session
Friday, December 15, 12pm-2pm, pending confirmation.
Invite your students and alumni to attend 
We need to DOUBLE THE NUMBER of faculty, students and alumni to attend. Students suggested inviting parents into the room. We need WITNESSES, as we ask the college to put – in writing – their pledge of a commitment to value part-time faculty as part of One Faculty. This pledge was made by Dr. Kim, when we signed our last contract. We intend to hold the college to its word. WE MUST KEEP THE PRESSURE ON!

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