“Why are we being so wishy-washy?”
This is the message that many members have been sending the union leadership, in calls and emails. The college has been clear in both word and deed. Our choice is clear.
  • We are no union if we meekly accept a continuous reduction of our hours.
  • We are no union if we do not have control over who is a member of our unit.
  • We are no union if we cannot control the issues over which we may grieve.
  • We are no union if we have no way to ensure the conditions under which we work.
  • We are no union if we can be hired and fired at will.
  • We are no union if we allow the undercutting of our wages.
In the wake of the information that has come out of bargaining, with the college drafting a proposal that is the equivalent of the complete destruction of all our union protections, the Steering Committee is in agreement, it’s time to call a STRIKE VOTE. The college is engaged in BAD FAITH BARGAINING, much as they were during the last contract negotiations. What they propose would render our union non-functioning. They made unilateral changes in working conditions, changing schedules and credit hours per course, issues which had been bargained over – and which should have been bargained over again, before changes could be made. This is an UNFAIR LABOR PRACTICE. These are the reasons to strike.
And as an educators’ union, we must stand side-by-side with our students to protect the quality of their education, as the effects of each of these issues is felt directly, in the classroom.

Our Columbia coalition meets tomorrow, November 16, 600 S. Michigan, room 401, from 6-8pm. Please RSVP if you haven’t already. It is vital that you attend because we will be discussing strike actions. The administration continues to ignore our basic union rights. Here is a letter from our legal counsel outlining the college’s fraudulent activities against members.


  • Reps Meeting: Thursday, November 16th, Thursday, 600 South Michigan, Rm 401 5 pm
  • OurColumbia Coalition: Thursday, November 16th, Thursday, 600 south Michigan, Rm 401, 6-8p.m.  We will discuss shared actions with the students and  bring them up to speed. Food will be provided. Please make sure and tell your students, alumni and other faculty to attend.
  • PFac Membership Meeting 12:30-2:00, Monday, November 20
  • PFac Membership Meeting 5:00-6:30, Monday, November 20
  • PFac Membership Meeting 12:30-2:00, Tuesday, November 21