Urgent! The administration is trying to break Pfac!

The college has upped the ante in what may be preparation to lock us out. The situation has become dire. At the most recent bargaining session, despite there having been no actual discussions, they presented us with a completely rewritten contract. In this proposal, among other things, they have removed all protections of seniority and job security. This agreement amounts to breaking the union.
If we were to approve the contract as the college prepared it, we would become “at-will employees,” hired and fired at the college’s discretion – and worse, the content of our courses would be subject to the whims of the college, dumbed-down, in the
pursuit of profit, no matter the effect on the quality of our students’ education.
What is at stake:
  • Our courses and an equitable assignment process
  • A fair pay rate based on experience
  • Job security, senority and protection
  • Academic freedom
  • Respect and dignity as educators
  • A teaching environment free from manipulation and bullying
We will address a response to these disturbing actions at the second OurColumbia coalition meeting on Thursday, November 16, at 600 S. Michigan, room 401, 6-8pm. Please RSVP at info@pfac.org.  Your presence is extremely important as we fight to reclaim our rights and our college.
Please invite students, faculty and alumni who are interested in supporting our cause.

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