Will pay be docked?

Many members have received intimidating letters from the administration claiming that all strikers will have money removed from their checks.


All of us share a concern around this question of whether or not our pay be docked for striking.  The word on the ground, passed on to us through certain administrative staff, is that the college will be docking our pay. However, the college has not made any official announcement to P-fac, on the subject. Because it was a short term work stoppage, and because of bargaining, we think it would be a very destructive move on the part of the college, to dock pay.   That said, we have come up with a plan to mitigate the effect of lost pay to members. We have a Strike and Hardship Relief Fund.  We want to ensure that no one suffers inordinately for having walked out on 3 courses, for example; while others’ classes were not scheduled during the strike hours and therefore would not suffer as greatly, if at all, if the college docks pay.

In order to share the burden, and begin to replenish our fund, we’re asking for members to donate. The suggested donation from members is $20.00. The payment can be made through the P-fac website: www.pfac.org, or by sending a check written to P-fac, with a notation allocating it to the Strike and Hardship Fund.  We are also asking for donations from other supporters, unions and individuals.  Just yesterday we received a $300.00 donation from a higher Ed local in Southern Illinois.   Disbursement of monies, will be determined after we see what the college does. We have to see if they dock people. If the college does not dock pay, this semester, the strike fund will serve to support members against hardship brought on by future job actions. Building a fund will continue to be important preparation should bargaining break down, in the future.   Please donate now at: www.pfac.org OR send a check to: PFac, Columbia College Chicago, 600 S. Michigan Ave., Rm 1309B, Chicago, IL 60605.

Our Strength is in Our Solidarity  

STRIKE BREAKERS: On a more difficult note, it has become clear that some of our members crossed the picket line. Some of these people were in the minority and against the strike, but others – amazingly – voted for the strike, but somehow rationalized the need to teach their class/es, anyway, thereby undercutting their own union. This is a very serious offense. Union leadership is being advised by our lawyers and labor leaders to deal severely with these transgressions. We cannot allow individual members to work against the democratic decision and subsequent efforts of the group. The leadership is currently considering the range of options available.

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